Pokke Herrie 2024

The line up release

On September 7, 2024, the Turbinehalle in Oberhausen will once again become the epicenter of the hardcore gabber scene as Pokke Herrie opens its doors. This event promises an unforgettable night full of powerful beats and high-energy performances. The Mainstage lineup is nothing short of spectacular, featuring Bulletproof, Dither, Gezellige Uptempo, Masters of Noise, and N-Vitral, who are set to captivate the audience with their intense sounds. Never Surrender will present his new project cocoNUTS, while Partyraiser, Re-Style, Spitnoise, Tensor & Re-Direction, Tha Playah, and Unfused will deliver a hardcore extravaganza.

The T-Club will host the finest uptempo DJs, bringing you rapid rhythms and dynamic sounds. Get ready for Angernoizer, Chaotic Hostility, Dynamic Noise, Estasia, Hatred, Lunakorpz, Reflexx, Rspctlss, Sakyra, Soulblast, and Unlocked, who will fill the night with unparalleled energy.

The Eastside Underground Stage is dedicated to Millennium Hardcore, offering a musical journey back to the golden age of hardcore. Alex B, Bodyshock, Cemon Victa, Kokka, Rudeboy, State of Emergency, T-Junction, The Vinyl Junk, and Mc Syco will revive hardcore classics and bring back memories of the scene’s heyday.

Lastly, Tctc invites a selection of the hardest Terror and Frenchcore DJs. Srb, TerrorClown, Dissoactive, Suicide Rage, Mr Bassmeister, Jeypieh, and Epic Aggressive will push the audience to the limits with their extreme beats and intense rhythms.

Pokke Herrie 2024 will undoubtedly be one of the most intense events of the year and a must-attend for all hardcore fans. Experience the raw energy and passion of this unique event. Don’t miss the chance to be part of it on September 7, 2024, when the Turbinenhalle becomes the stage for the ultimate hardcore spectacle.