Army Of Hardcore – The Indoor Festival 2019


Army Of Hardcore 2019

The 11th Edition on X-mas with more than 80 DJ’s in 7 Areas !
We recommend everybody to buy a ticket in presale on time. Army of Hardcore is always sold out in presale!
More info will be announced soon!


Early Bird: Till 01.09.19 – 42,99 (ex Presale fee)

Regular 1: Till 01.10.19 – €45,99 (ex presale fee)

Regular 2: Till 25.12.19 (or when it’s sold out earlier) – €49,99 (ex presale fee)

Minimum Age: 16 Years (people from 16-18 Years need a parental advise, You can download it at our Website: www.alex-events.net) Important: ID Card is always required!!!

Merchandise Shop: www.hardcore-merchandise.de
Webinfo: www.alex-events.net// www.armyofhardcore.net

Bustrips Germany:

West/South Germany: www.hardtours.de

North/East Germany: www.feierreisen.de

Austria: www.hardtours.at