A Nightmare in Germany Cd Compilation // (3CD) Digipack

A Nightmare In Germany (3 CD) Digipack

Cd 1 Mixed by Masters of Noise, Tensor & Re-direction

1.Important Records Allstars    Moments Of Memories (Original Mix)
2.Evil Activities & Kasparov      Point Of No Return
3.Tensor & Re-Direction            Split Second
4.Re-Style                                      Undisputed
5.Marshall Masters                      I Like it Loud 2012 (Angerfist Remix)
6.The Illusionist                            Groove On
7.Nosferatu & Endymion            The Message
8.Angerfist                                     Who Cares?
9.The Raptor                                 Call Me A Killer
10.Razzle Dazzle Trax                 Rattlebrain (Korsakoff Remix)
11.Thorax                                       Rebellion
12.Tommyknocker                       Supernatural (ft. the Wishmaster)
13.Javi Boss                                   Cursed Days
14.Masters Of Noise                    Shotgun
15.Nitrogenetics                           Pledge Of Resistance (Angerfist Remix)
16.Tensor & Re-Direction          I really don’t care
17.Evil Activities & Panic           Never Fall Asleep (Tha Playah Remix)
18.Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied    Hardcore Italia
19.Thorax                                       Crazy Bitch
20.Neophyte & The Viper           Peace (Edit Version)
21.Endymion & Nosferatu          Uphold The Future
22.Miss K8                                     Unforgettable

Cd 2 Mixed by Corruptive Chaos

1.The Sickest Squad                           Opera Prima
2.Al Twisted                                        Chaos Evolves
3.X-Mind & Zeta Reticuli                  One Chance (Bartoch Remix)
4.Lenny Dee & The Sickest Squad  Strike (Sickcore Mix)
5.Pattern J                                           Cosmophony
6.X-Fly                                                 Voodoo Classic
7.Important Records Allstars          Moments Of Memories (Corruptive Chaos Remix)
8.D.O.M.                                              Party Abuse
9.The Sickest Squad                          Offsick
10.Pattern J                                         Venus vs. Mars
11.Corruptive Chaos                           Bing Bang
12.D.O.M.                                             Funky Frenchcore
13.Hellfish                                           Sex Machine
14.Dr. Peacock & Marcus Decks     Shuttlerun
15.The Sickest Squad                        Sick Lullaby
16.Corruptive Chaos                         Rock the Best
17.Dr Peacock  DJ Smurf                 The Egyptian (Digital refix)
18.Exagon & The Unknown             Fuck My Enemy
19.Dj Skinhead                                   Extreme Terror (Neophyte Remix)
20.The Destroyer                               Cuntface In Italy
21.Hozinotik                                        The Dino

Cd 3 mixed by Dj Ron:

1.DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski                 Young Birds (Original Mix)
2.DJ Paul & Teenage Warning                      Brohymn (This One’s For The Gabbers)
3.DJ Isaac vs. DJ The Viper                           Back Again
4.Chosen Few                                                    The Name Of My Dj (Original Mix)
5.DJ Lancinhouse vs DJ Jappo                      EXLXAXL
6.The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul                      Thrillseeka
7.The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul                      Hardcore Takin´ Over ( ft. MC Ruffian)
8.Zero Six Project                                              Motherfuckin´ DJ
9.Art Of Fighters                                               The Beat Can´t Change
10.Hard Creation                                               I Will Have That Power
11.The Reactor meet Impulse Factory           Hardcore Will Never Die (The Viper RMX)
12.Evil Activities                                                Be Quiet
13.The Viper & Tommyknocker                     The Prophecy Unfolds (Tha Playah Rmx)
14.Evil Activities vs. Chaosphere                  State Of Emergency
15.Tha Playah vs. DJ Dazzler                         Beat U 2 Death
16.Evil Activities                                               MC’s & DJ’s (DJ Paul & MC Ruffian’s Offensive Rmx)
17.Bodylotion                                                    Neighbourhood Crime
18.Masters Of Ceremony                                Under Control

Releasedate 24.08.12
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