20.10.12 Pokke Herrie , Turbinenhalle – Oberhausen


Hardcore, Frenchcore, Terror & Speedcore mit über 30 Dj’s auf 3 Areas.


Area 1: Pokke Herrie (Main)

Tommyknocker (Traxtorm Rec./IT)
Tha Playah (Neophyte Rec/NL)
Live: Masters of Noise vs. Thorax (Important Hardcore/Ger)
Partyraiser (Megarave Rec./NL)
Day-mar (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Live: Tensor & Re-direction (Important Hardcore/Ger)
Nosferatu (Enzyme rec./NL)
Evil Activities (Neophyte Rec/NL)
The Beat Controller (Confusion Events/NL)
Live: Noisekick (Noisekick Rec./NL)
Bigfoot (Army of Hardcore/NL)
Omira (A Nightmare in Germany/BE)
Hosted by: MC Tha Watcher (Masters of Hardcore/NL)

Area 2/T-Club: French Kixxx (Frenchcore)

The Sickest Squad (Audiogenic/IT)
Subversion (Noistorm/IT)
Dr. Peacock (GGM Raw/NL)
Randy (R-909% Records/It)
D-Tox (Noistorm/IT)
Corruptive Chaos (French Kixxx/GER)
Zorc (French Kixxx/GER)
Mynotic (French Kixxx/GER)
Mad (A Nightmare in Germany)

Area 3/Cosmo: Xtreme-Noize (Speedcore/Terror)
Speedcore Whore (Atomic Annihilation Records/UK)
Prince ov Darkness (Masters of Speedcore /NL)
Jensen (Thorntree Rec/IRL)
Hate Division (Army of Hardcore/GER)
Sillysickcore (Noize is pleasure/GER)
Mortum (Xtreme-Noize/GER)
Synchron X (Bangerang Ent. /GER)
The Entertainer (Game Over? Try Again/GER)
Hattori Hanzo (Xtreme-Noize/JAP)

Date: Saturday, 20.10.2012
Location: Turbinenhalle Oberhausen | Im Lipperfeld 23 | 46047 Oberhausen
Doors: 20:00-07:00 h
Entry: Presale € 25,00 Doorsale: € 30,00
Minimum Age: 16 Years (people from 16-18 need a parental advise, you can download it at our website: www.alex-events.net , International Visitors need their id Card)
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