02.11.12 Mad Dog – A Night Of Madness, Butan // Wuppertal

02.11.12 Mad Dog – A Night of Madness, Butan // Wuppertal


Main Area:

Live: Mad Dog (Traxtorm Rec./IT)

Anime (Traxtorm Rec./IT)
Masters of Noise (Important Rec./GER)
Nosferatu (Enzyme Rec./NL)
Corruptive Chaos (important rec./GER)
Amnesys (Traxtorm Rec./IT)
Vendetta (Cosmo Club /GER)
Zorc (Army of Hardcore/Ger)

Industrial Area by Corestyle:

Audiomatic (Hardcore Warriors /GER)
Shakaal (From the Deep)
Destroy your destiny (BKJN/GER)
N-Thrax (Pussy Motherfuckers/GER)
Live: Stuffmaker (Hardcore Warriors/GER)

Army of Hardcore DJ Contest Area


Date: Fr, 02.11.2012

Location: Butan
Auf der Bleiche 18
42289 Wuppertal (GER)

Open: 22:00 – 07:00

Entry: 15,00 € (Doorsale)
For Presale check: www.Partytickets.de (Presale start 19.09)

Webinfo: www.alex-events.net

Minimum Age: 16 Years (people from 16-18 need a parental advise, you can download it at our website: www.alex-events.net, International Visitors need their id Card)