ruhr in love 2024 – Hardcore Gladiators Stage

Imagine it’s July 6th, 2024, and the hardest lineup of the ruhr in love is ready to hit the stages! Featuring acts like TerrorClown, Tensor & Re-Direction ft. Gee MC, Thorax, Ron & Mc Ike, Sick Impact, and many more, this day promises an unforgettable hardcore experience.

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Line Up:

TerrorClown ✘ Tensor & Re-Direction ft. Gee MC ✘ Thorax ✘ Ron & Mc Ike ✘ Sick Impact ✘ Lab-E ✘ Masters Of Noise ✘ Hellter Skellter ✘The Noizedizorder ✘ Terreursquad ✘ Unsyn ✘ Rough Republic ✘ Patronic ✘ Mindblast ✘ Bruebie

Date: 06.07.2024

Promoter/Veranstalter: I-Motion GmbH Events & Communication
Ein DEAG / LiveStyle, Inc. – Joint Venture
Am Hohen Stein 8
56218 Mülheim-Kärlich