Pokke Herrie – A Dutch Hardcore Festival 2016


Pokke Herrie – A Dutch Hardcore Festival

Area 1:
Partyraiser (Partyraiser Records/NL)
The Sickest Squad (Brutale Records/IT)
Miss K8 (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Destructive Tendencies (Hardcore Blasters/UK)
Art of Figthers (Traxtorm Records/IT)
Tensor & Re-Direction (Important Records/GER)
Re-Style (Masters Of Hardcore/NL)
Thorax (Masters Of Hardcore/GER)
Masters of Noise (Footworxx/GER)
Corenography (200 BPM Style/GER)
Thyriotox (200 BPM Style/GER)

Area 2:
SRB (This is Terror/NL)
Sandy Warez (Footworxx/BE)
TerrorClown (This is Terror/GER)
Bartoch (Footworxx/FR)
Detest (Footworxx/GER)
Minupren (MME/GER)
Little K (Army Of Hardcore/GER)
Chok Dee (Pokke Herrie/GER)
Synchron-X (200 BPM Style/GER)

Area 3:
Paranoid (Pokke Herrie/GER)
Beagle & Miss Nightkat (Gabba Nation/GER)
Omira (Imperial Hardcore/BE)
Cheshire Cat (Hardcore Gladiators/GER)
Nikkel (A Nightmare In Germany/GER)
B-Side (Pokke Herrie/GER)
J-Curve (Army Of Hardcore/GER)
Da Oxygen (Terror Maschine/GER)
Sodiak (Terror Maschine/GER)
Emphaser (Terror Maschine/GER)


Date: Saturday, 03.09.2016
Location: Turbinenhalle, Im Lipperfeld 23, 46047 Oberhausen (GER)
Doors: 20:00-07:00 h

Presale: €24,95 (ex Presale Fee)
Doorsale: €30,00
Minimum Age: 16 Years (people from 16-18 Years need a parental advise, You can download it at our Website: www.alex-events.net) Important: ID Card is always required!!!

Merchandise Shop: www.Hardcore-Merchandise.de
Webinfo: www.Alex-Events.net

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