200 BPM STYLE vs. Brutale

200 BPM STYLE vs. Brutale

Two Areas with 200 BPM Uptempo Hardcore – The Battle Edition

Andy The Core (IT) * Brutale (IT) * The Sickest Squad (IT) * Underground Vandalz (IT)
Bit Reactors (IT) * Meccano Twins (IT) * DRS (NL) * TerrorClown (GER) * Chrono (NL)
Corruptive Chaos (GER) * Chaotic Hostility (NL) * Hatred (GER) * Repix (NL) * Emphaser (GER)
Little K (GER) * Brainrape (GER) * New World Order (GER) * Sodiak (GER)


Date: Saturday, 10.03.2018

Location: Turbinenhalle, Im Lipperfeld 23, 46047 Oberhausen (GER)

Doors: 20:00-07:00 h

Presale: €25,99 (ex Presale Fee)

Doorsale: €30,00

Minimum Age: 16 Years (people from 16-18 Years need a parental advise, ID Card is always required!

Merchandise Shop: www.Hardcore-Merchandise.de

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E-Tickets: www.Alex-Events.net 

Eventim: 1500 CTS/Eventim Ticketpoints in Germany 


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North/East Germany: www.Feierreisen.de E-Mail: info@feierreisen.de