11.03.2017 – 200 BPM Style – Oberhausen

200 BPM STYLE 2017

The Line Up:
Partyraiser (Partyraiser Records/NL)
F.Noize (Partyraiser Rec./NL)
D-Fence (Neophyte Rec./NL)
Icha (Neophyte Rec./NL)
Darkcontroller (Footworxx/NL)
Bloody Vaya a.k.a. RVT (Offensive Records/GER)
Masters of Noise (Footworxx/GER)
Noisekick (Noisekick Rec./NL)
SRB (This Is Terror Rec./NL)
Razorheadz (Partyraiser Rec./GER)
Unrest (Darkside Unleashed/NL)
Sjammienators (Fucking Bastards Rec./NL)
Hatred (Uptempo is the Tempo Rec./GER)
Tharoza (Fucking Bastards Rec./NL)
Hoeppi (Partyraiser Rec./CH)
TerrorClown (This is Terror Rec./GER)
Paranoizer (Noisekick Records/NL)
Corruptive Chaos (GGM Rec./GER)
Paranoid (Pokke Herrie/GER)
Little K (Army of Hardcore/GER)
Emphaser (Terror Machine Rec./GER)
Sodiak (Terror Machine Rec./GER)
Dedicator (Terror Machine Rec./GER)
Stereotronic (200 BPM/Ger)

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Date: Saturday, 11.03.2017
Location: Turbinenhalle, Im Lipperfeld 23, 46047 Oberhausen (GER)
Doors: 20:00-07:00 h

Presale: €24,99 (ex Presale Fee)
Doorsale/Abendkasse: €30,00
Minimum Age: 16 Years (people from 16-18 Years need a parental advise, You can download it at our Website: www.alex-events.net) Important: ID Card is always required!!!

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Trailer 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgQP9-5ljdo

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